Alin Lupu

Snow & Mountain Board Instructor

I live in Brasov and i've always been passionate about adrenaline (snowboard, mountainboard, downhill, rock climbing, skydiving).

In 2009 I became an ISIA certified snowboard instructor and in 2016 I started the first mountainboarding school in Romania.

Let's get in touch for a fun jorney in nature you will never forget. Let's ride... :)

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Be Safe

You will get fittet with a helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, and a backpack that will protect your back. The mountainboard also has a brake, so you can stop no matter what. A great rider never gets injured. Safety is our number one priority.

Have Fun

That's why you're here for right? We choose a track based on your level of experience, to make it challenging, but also doable. There are many tracks, and the levels go from beginners to extreme. We guarantee a smile on your face at the end of the session.


Snowboarding and mountainboarding are very similar sports. Mountainboarding is easier to learn (because you have a brake) and you will be ready for snowboarding when winter comes. If you already are a good snowboarder, mountainboarding will fit like a glove.

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